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How often to you find yourself sitting in your office staring Out The Window – thinking – I wish I was… or How did I get stuck in this job, I was supposed to...?

So often I work with people that for one reason or another find they are in an occupation that doesn’t make them happy or leave them fulfilled. Many times we start out with a dream and along the path of responsibility, opportunity, timing; we end up in a place that doesn’t satisfy our soul. Our work doesn’t inspire us. Our “job” or especially the tasks we need to perform on our job, become a chore and can lead to dissatisfaction, boredom and even feelings of depression.


Work is often described in three ways, a Job, a Career or a Calling. A job is described as an occupation where you show up and work for the paycheck but you are really not fulfilled or striving for more. A Career is described as an occupation or series of occupations where you are striving for prestige or more money in one field. You are driven by the next promotion, job opening or raise. A Calling is described as having an occupation where you believe you are serving your true purpose in life. Often people that have found their “calling” love what they do and don’t even describe it as “work”. A calling is something that moves them and inspires them. The activities come naturally for them and they can completely lose themselves in their work without even noticing the time going by.

Ask yourself which of these categories describes how you feel about your job and where you are in your life?

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