Suzy Zgorski

Suzy Zgorski

Suzy is a lifelong learner focused on improving the lives of her clients through positive psychology, coaching and mentoring. She has a diverse background with a common theme of improvement and goal setting for herself and the people she invites into her life. She has been described as a leader, a risk-taker, an inspiration and a guide to the employees, clients and friends that have worked with her over the years.

Through her organization, OTW Coaching, LLC, started in 2003, she is able to coach and mentor professionals in this process of discovering their strengths, setting goals around their career and creating a life that inspires them.  OTW Coaching, LLC was started to help people, similar to Suzy, that want to accomplish their goals, take risks, reach their dreams and provide a good life for themselves and their families. Her unique ability to listen and understand her client’s situations has contributed to their success.

Suzy has invested over 20 years in the study of strengths and personal development. She spent most of her career serving in leadership positions and inspiring individuals and teams for increased success based on their unique strengths and relationships. Suzy has a BS in Psychology from James Madison University. She is a Certified Behavioral Coach, Certified Life Coach and has continued her love of learning to share strategies and insights with her clients.

Suzy is a member in the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), the International Association of Coaches (IAC) and the Project Management Institute (PMI). She has volunteered over the last 8 years as a Mentor for Everwise.

Suzy’s key strengths based on the Strength Finders Assessment from Gallup are; Arranger, Individualism, Futuristic, Maximizer and Strategic.  Her VIA Character Strengths include; Gratitude, Love of Learning, Curiosity, Humor, and Appreciation of Beauty.

Suzy provides executive and life coaching. She would love to speak to you and see if she can help you reach your goals. Schedule a free introduction call now!