Do you have more stress right now?

Meditation and Music are shown to reduce stress. In working with clients as a Business Coach over the last 10 years, it has always been one of my recommendations for clients to care for themselves first before all their work duties. In fact, I often bring up the example of the safety talk you hear on the airlines when you travel. (Ok, well back when we were all traveling anyway) The stewards tell the travelers to put on their oxygen mask first and then turn to their children or other travelers to help them second. If you are not getting oxygen, you will not be able to help others and the same is true with your work.

Too many times I see clients that are suffering from burn out and overwork. They are so tired after their commute, time at the office, and work they bring home that they don’t end up exercising, eating right, or just relaxing. Now during the time of COVID, there is even more stress and what Neuroscientists are calling COVID Brain. You can read more about this here. Source: Neuroscientist: Covid Brain Is Real. Here’s How to Deal With It |

The good news is there are real techniques and strategies that are low cost and easy to do at home or in the office to keep yourself strong. My favorite technics are:

  1. Meditation – taking time to sit quietly and breathe deeply. I use a mantra I learned years ago, I believe it is a Buddhist mantra and it works well for me.  By having this mantra to repeat, it keeps your mind off of other negative thoughts and helps you focus just on good intentions. Here it is Please give it a try and let me know how it works for you.
Breathe deeply while repeating this mantra

2. Music – what is your favorite type of music? If you are like me I have different types of music for different activities. When I am power walking or exercising, I want songs with high energy and words I can sing along to. When I am working, I enjoy quiet music playing in the background. When I am meditating or trying to sleep I like the sounds of soothing waves or the sounds of birds in a nearby forest playing. Whatever type of music makes you feel good for that moment is the ticket. Music is such a gift and really helps to enhance whatever activity you are working on. Quiet is nice too but sometimes I find quiet can be too loud or eerie and then I am just holding my breath trying to hear anything!

Try these two strategies if you are feeling stressed. It is a wild ride this 2020 year and each of us has to adapt and cope in our own ways. Let me know what your best stress reducer is?

Thanks and stay safe out there! Dream Big and Enjoy each moment of each day!

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