I love good news!

Choosing to be positive each day is not always easy and especially when the world is dealing with COVID-19. Here are a couple of ideas to help you stay positive if you are feeling down or struggling through your job search.

One of the tips I recommend for my clients that are in a transition is to keep what I call a “Confidence Folder”. This is a binder or physical folder where you keep emails from your bosses, customers, friends, and family of things you have done well. Maybe it is a loving card from your daughter for Mother’s Day, maybe it a copy of your formal review from your boss the last time you got a promotion, maybe it is an email from a customer that thanked you for a job well done.

OTW Confidence Folder
Create your own confidence folder!

Having a folder of successful memories helps to build your confidence and keeps you positive during those times when you need it most.

This morning, I got my daily 5 AM Joel https://www.5amjoel.com/ email and he too recommends using an email folder for storing things. Check out his post here https://www.5amjoel.com/my-pile-of-good-things/. Joel does an email each morning sharing a short positive note. I love it!

No matter where you keep these treasures, just make sure they are someplace you can add to them often and can access them easily. Prior to your next interview or writing that cover letter, whip out your Confidence folder and relish in the positive things you have done for other people.

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