Struggling with remote work?

I have been working from a home office for over 15 years so when the stay-home orders started, it was not much of a change for how I work. My home office was already set up, I was using tools like Teams, Zoom, and GoToMeeting on a regular basis and most importantly I was used to managing my time effectively. For many people and companies, the stay home orders required them to pivot and change many of their business processes. Departments like Finance, Accounting, and HR were typically run from the physical office and remote work was not really done except on an exception basis.

Now with the stay-home orders are being lifted and companies are trying to get back to “normal” business, it might mean employees will continue to work remotely. Remote work might even become the new norm!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reduce your daily commute, spend more time with family, and still be able to do your job? I would love to share my experiences and tips for keeping a balance in your life while working from home.

Sit in on this brief webinar to learn more about the technology tools and tips to manage work/life balance. Register here

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