What steps are you taking to be ready for Spring?

Is your business prepared for next year? This is the perfect time for busy professionals and business owners to plant the “bulbs” so that their businesses bloom in the future.

It is an understatement to say that 2020 is a year for the record books! Most businesses were caught totally unprepared for the lockdowns, the loss of business, and the emotional stress that COVID 19 has caused. Some businesses that were flexible or in the “right” industry flourished in this environment. Zoom for one that has huge growth and has added new features to accommodate all the people that needed it in a hurry. How did your business make out this year?

Now it the time to be planning for 2021. Really diving into what worked and didn’t work in 2020. In what ways can your business remain flexible as we move into the new year?

Ask yourself some of these questions to help you start your plan:

  1. What is working for your business?
  2. What needs improvement?
  3. How are your employees doing?
  4. How can you change your business to better prepare for 2021?

It starts with a plan. These are tough questions and sometimes it takes an outside person to hear your answers and ask more pointed questions to help you get to the truth. If you want to start a plan for 2021, I am happy to help get you started!

I spent this past week planting bulbs in my garden so that this spring I will have a rainbow of beautiful flowers. What “bulbs” are you planting for your business?

Tools to planting my Spring Garden.

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