When unexpected events threaten your business.

Every business has unexpected events that can really cause business owners a lot of stress. Think about COVID-19 and how it has impacted all our lives. So many small businesses are scrambling and pivoting to ensure they can stay in business. Is this the case with your business?

Many of the small business owners I work with have been working on internal business tasks during this time instead of trying to get new sales. I spoke to a business owner the other day that just can’t seem to plug the trigger and contact new prospects. She is so concerned that “no one” is buying or spending money during this time. She has stopped marketing and networking all together! This is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

Many businesses struggle with sales and marketing and hate spending time and money on these activities. Maybe you are one of the rare companies that can survive on referrals only but most businesses can not.

I suggest that even in uncertain times, focus on the key value you can bring to your customers. There is someone out there waiting to do business with you and you just need to find them and connect. Try these steps to move your marketing and sales forward:

  1. Make a plan – you should have a marketing plan and schedule outgoing activities each month. If your customers don’t find you, they will never hire you. Making a few cold calls per day will really pay off in the long run.
  2. Network – Even if you are social distancing and not going to an office each day you can still network. Setup calls with some of your first connections on LinkedIn and check-in on their business and how they are doing. These are not sales calls, they are genuine calls to check in on what is happening with them, and if there is any way you can help them. Staying top of mind with your connections can lead to more referrals and you might be able to help by providing information or referrals back to them.
  3. Follow-up in a timely fashion. If you are doing online events or an email blast what are doing to follow that up? Studies show that it takes 5-7 touches at least to connect with a prospect and make a sale. Are you making those calls? Are you providing valuable information in your followup call or email to keep you in front of that prospect? If you are not being timely in your followup, the prospect most likely will have moved on to another webinar or event and not even remember yours.

Selling is not an easy task and not for the faint of heart. Having thick skin and persistence is important and even more importantly is being respectful and professional.

Good luck selling and let me know if you want to explore hiring a Sales Coach to get you and your team on the right track. I am passionate about helping others reach their goals and would love to be your Sales Coach!

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