Wrapped up another successful Mentorship!

I love mentoring and coaching professionals! It is truly my calling and I get so much joy from helping others. It makes me both happy and sad when one of my engagements wraps up and am no longer speaking to my men-tee or customer on a regular basis.

Last month I wrapped up another volunteer engagement with Everwise/Torch https://www.geteverwise.com/. I have been volunteering for Everwise since 2013 and have had the pleasure of working with some really talented professionals. Everwise matches you up with folks based on your experience and skill set. I have worked with Scientists, Lawyers, Engineers, Senior Managers, and Marketing professionals to name a few. It is always interesting and exciting to learn about their unique challenges and work together toward their goals.

Here is a comment from one of my recent experiences helping through Everwise.

I look forward to my next volunteer assignment! Thank you so much to Everwise for having me as volunteer.

Let me know if you need Business Coaching or Mentoring and maybe I can help. Contact me on Suzy@OTWcoaching.com and let’s have a conversation on what your goals are.

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